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Life is unpredictable. If you’ve ever been locked outside your car before, you might know just what we’re talking about. You might be headed out to the airport when a quick stop off for lunch turns out to spell disaster. You lock your keys in the car and everything, right from your passport to your baggage, is locked inside. Sounds nightmarish? Well, if you’ve got the spare key on you, then gaining access is quite simple, but if you don’t, it’s likely that you’ll have to get your car towed or wait for hours together for help to arrive.

While there might not be much you can do to prevent car lockouts , there are a few pointers that will reduce the probability of such situations arising:

  • Keep a spare with you. Do not keep them within the car itself.North Miami Beach Locksmith Store North Miami Beach, FL 305-506-2916
  • You can hand out a copy of your keys to someone you trust
  • Regular upkeep of locks helps prevent lockouts due to lock malfunction
  • Make it a habit to double check if you’ve grabbed the keys before leaving the car
  • Do not turn the key with excessive force. The repeated force might cause the key to snap.
  • Always, always keep the number of a reliable car lockouts service on your speed dial

Why a professional?

Because some things are best left to them! Calling a handyman or a technician from a local hardware store might have serious repercussions. For one, they’ve no idea how vehicular locks & keys work and might attempt unlocking the car in the most imprudent manner. Drilling the lock, or cracking the window open or attempting to pry open the door with a lever are a few measures you’ll see implemented on your vehicle. The ultimate purpose – unlocking – might be achieved, but it comes at a heavy cost - the cost of fixing the damages done. A professional will adopt a different strategy altogether while resolving car lockouts.

Call our automotive locksmiths:

North Miami Beach Locksmith Store is a premier locksmithing firm with a specialized automotive division to cater to the needs of vehicle owners. We’ve witnessed hundreds of car lockouts and have worked our way skillfully through them. With experience comes perfection – and we’ve perfected the art of unlocking vehicles without inflicting the slightest damage on your locks or on your vehicle. What’s more, with a 24/7 availability and extensive network throughout North Miami Beach, FL area, we’ll rescue you no matter where or when you face a lockout.

Save our number – 305-506-2916 – you never know when it might come in handy!