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North Miami Beach Locksmith Store North Miami Beach, FL 305-506-2916The security industry’s evolution has been epic and it’s all because of the evident rise in crime in the past years. Criminals have only become smarter, finding new ways to find a breach in security and get hold of valuable possessions. If residential properties and vehicles are at risk, commercial properties are still at greater risk. Not only does a commercial set up safeguard hundreds of employees, there’s also data, information and assets that could spell disaster for your business. We’ve seen several businesses fall victim to lax security and end up facing huge losses, both in terms of finances and reputation. If there’s one lesson that history teaches us, that’s learning from others’ mistakes. North Miami Beach Locksmith Store can help you revamp your security strategy by setting up keyless entry locks for commercial applications and ensure that your property remains impregnable to external and internal security threats.

How can we redefine your security?

We keep a track of the latest advancements in the field and know what might work and might not against intruders. They can devise a customized security strategy that aligns with the specific needs of your residential property. One of the most popular solutions in recent times has been the implementation of keyless entry locks incommercial properties.

What can keyless locks do for you?

There are a wide range of keyless solutions available in North Miami Beach, FL area. These range from card access systems, keypad locks, fingerprint locks and more. They provide numerous advantages, such as:

Minimize key copying: In a huge enterprise, there might be multiple keys needed to access offices, cabinets, storerooms, and other important zones in the premises. You might not even notice it if one key goes missing and is copied by someone with malicious intent. Since, these locks don’t need keys to lock/unlock; key copying is out of the question.

Enable employee tracking : These devices come in-built with features allowing easy tracking of employee movement; the time they check-in, check-out, which parts of the building they access, how long they’re in a particular zone etc.

No need to rekey locks : The biggest hassle that comes with mechanical locks is that you need to rekey them every time you fire an employee or lose keys, in order to render the old keys unusable. However, keyless entry locks, commercial type, allow easy removal/addition of user credentials that saves you recurring expenses.

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